Destination Tangier

Positioned on the northern tip of Morocco, Tangier has long been a melting pot of cultures due to its strategic location at the crossroads of Africa and Europe. This port city is famed for its eclectic blend of Mediterranean and Moroccan influences, attracting artists, writers, and adventurers over the years. The medina (old town) offers a labyrinth of narrow streets, bustling markets, and historical sites. The Tangier American Legation Museum and the Caves of Hercules are must-visit attractions that highlight the city's unique history.

Tour details

  • Known for: Gateway to Africa
  • Must-Visit: The Kasbah
  • Cuisine: International Fusion
  • Attraction: Caves of Hercules
  • Activities: Medina Shopping
  • Culture: Tangier American Legation Museum
  • Landmarks: Tangier Beach Promenade
  • Literature: Tangier's Literary Legacy
  • Nightlife: Café Culture
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