Frequent Questions

Frequent Questions

It all depends on the number of days your Tour consists of. The more days you reserve for the tour the less the drive will be each day. For a normal day, you should expect 4 to 10 hours drive including stops for pictures, food and drinks. It could be more or less according to the number of places you wanted to visit. Some tours have 2-3 nights in each place and this is upon choice.

Yes, you will have a private car with your driver and you would not share it with other travelers. You can form a small group and we provide a means of transportation accordingly.

You should, but not obligatory, tip your guide, driver your waiter or hotel staff before leaving. The amount depends on how much you liked the service; however a rough idea is from 10 to 15% of the service’s value.

The drive to the desert is quite long. You should reserve an entire day drive for one way to reach the destination. At the camp, there is everything you need for a pleasant experience.

To go camping you need to go on camels crossing the sand dunes. If you have allergy to animals or you are senior, a jeep will be provided to take you there.

After the agreement about the trip you wish to take, you will be asked to transfer a 20% deposit to confirm the trip. You can send it via PayPal or Bank wire. If you have any challenges just let us know.

The rest of the Payment will be paid at the start of the trip. We accept Euros, dollars, Pounds or local currency (MAD).

You can choose between any time or earlier possible. In the high season, book it as soon as you can. If you are busy, call us from your desk and we will plan your itinerary. If you already in Morocco, just give us a call and we will be ready to collect you the following morning.

The answer is yes. It is possible that you handle the hotel bookings, and we provide you with transportation and guides, along with activities during the tour. It is even possible that we handle part of the trip and leave the rest for you.

This is not really a big deal and solo ladies can travel to Morocco at no challenges, mainly with our well mannered drivers and guides. We cater for your concern as we cater to our business reputation. Take it easy.

Moroccans like kids and they are source of inspiration for Moroccan families. We are glad to see you with your dears and happy to satisfy you will any needs for a memorable experience.

Yes, and feel free to let us know if you have any comments or questions and we will be glad to come back to you with answers the soonest possible.